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Diving in the Pacific Ocean offers many unique opportunities. Visibilty ranges between 10 to 45 feet and it depends on many factors like tides and mostly the high amounts of nutrients in these waters that attract many different species of fish. The best conditions are present from December through May when we have the best visiblity and the visit of the Giant Manta Ray that come to feed and get cleaned by the reef fish.

Temperatures range from the mid 70's to the mid 80's and depths are between 40 to 90 feet. The region has a history of volcanic activity therefore its amazing volcanic rock formations that are home to different species of soft coral and some hard coral. Amongst the creatures that you will find here we have the Whitetip Reef Shark which is a resident in the area and can be found in many of the underwater caves where they rest during the day. Also you may will see moray eels, lobsters, octopus, sea horses, nudibranch, cushion sea stars, big schools of various fishes and rays just to name a few.

Our local dive sites are just a 10 minutes boat ride from shore. Eveyday we choose the sites we are going to dive depending on the conditions to offer you the best experience according to your training level.

Dive Sites

Herradura Bay Isla Tortuga
The perfect place for beginners, this site has a depth of 40-50 feet and is protected from strong currents

Named after its abundance of Soft coral that makes it looks like a garden this site has and underwater arch where White tips can be seen swimming through.

An underwater pinnacle that starts at 50 feet and drops down to 90 feet is the ideal site for our Deep Dive specialties.

Being more exposed to the currents this place boasts a wide variety of fish that gather in its different channels to feed on passing prey.

One of our favorite places around this site is where we have the best chances to spot White Tip Sharks. Expect amazing encounters with Giant Manta rays on the feeding season.

This Island is located a 40 minutes boatride away from Herradura Bay and offers great diving opportunities. After the dive you will have the chance to chill on its white sand beach, the perfect finale for a great day of diving!

This group of underwater rocks and channels is home to different species of fish and here you will have the chance to see big schools of big eye jacks close to the surface.

"La Cueva" means "The Cave" and here you will have the chance to find the resident White Tip Sharks. Very shallow place it is only accesible on quiet conditions.

The "Labyrinth" will amaze you with its gorgeous formations and underwater life.

This is a challenging dive site reserved for the more experienced divers due to its strong currents, but offering encounters with big animals.